By Team Hempstrol

We all agree that we all live in an environment. Our environment determines our physical and mental health in the long run. Gone are the years where the term 'Climate Change' was just a possibility. The world is changing, and this change is bringing adverse effects to our mother earth.

One such adverse effect is Forest Fires. They are caused by negligence, such as not putting out the campfire or dropping a lit cigarette. Natural causes of Forest Fires are lightning, volcanic eruptions and sparks from falling rocks.

Our Fabric Line in Hemp is motivated in pushing you towards becoming an environmentalist. 5% of the profits of every purchase of Hempstrol Clothing you purchase directly contributed to providing financial help to the organisations working towards Wildlife and Forest Protection. Due to global warming, forest fires are expected to rise worldwide, and the flora and fauna of our mother earth are in danger. By choosing Hempstrol, you can 'Be An Environmentalist’.